Experience our Escape Rooms!

The Escape Rooms at CK'Sters are now open and waiting for you and your friends to enjoy.  Escape rooms are timed and fully immersive adventures where you and your team are locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles with clues in the room to escape before your time is up!

Only $12 per player for a full 30-minute session for up to 8 people per game.  Please plan your arrival 20 minutes before entry to the Escape Room.

Please book online or call for more information at 607-748-7888.  

Escape Room Options

ROOM 1: Immunity Quest

ROOM 2: Wizard Academy

temporarily closed

Escape Room Pricing


30 Minute Escape Room

$12 per player
  • Max 8 players per Escape Room
  • Must be ready 20 minutes prior to game
  • Must book online for game time