Forget what you know about miniature golf. This course is unlike any you've played before.

Batting Cages

CK'Sters has a batting range with five baseball and four softball pitching machines, and a variety of pitching speeds are available.

Laser Tag

Experience state-of-the-art laser tag excitement!


Fun to watch & even more fun to do!

Climbing Wall

How high can you go? No matter your skill level, you'll find a challenging route to climb up.

Shoot N' Shower

Slam Dunk! This foul-shooting contest allows you to compete head-to-head with a friend.


Our unique trampoline volleyball/basketball-type game will tire you out as you try to be "up" while your opponent is down, but also be "up" to block his shots.


Experience the thrill of riding over 700 feet from one side of CK'Sters 10 acre park to the other.

Escape Rooms

The Escape Rooms at CK'Sters are now open and waiting for you and your friends to enjoy.  Escape rooms are timed and fully immersive adventures where you and your team are locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles with clues in the room to escape before your time is up!

Mine Sluice

Be part of the fun by purchasing a bag of rough and pan for gemstones, fossils, or emeralds and other treasures in CK'Sters water sluice. Whatever you find you can keep!